SKN Coach Passy on CNLQ: “It’s been a brilliant experience”
Saint Kitts and Nevi´s Harrison Panayiotou # 10 celebrated the winning goal against Puerto Rico in a match for the Concacaf Nations League Qualifying at Warner Park in Basseterre on September 9, 2018.

BASSETERRE, Saint Kitts and Nevis With one match remaining in 2019-20 Concacaf Nations League Qualifying, Saint Kitts and Nevis has its sights set on victory at Suriname on Saturday.

Assuming Saint Kitts and Nevis claim the three points at Suriname and then two teams from 10th-15th spot in the table do not jump them in the table on goal difference, the Sugar Boyz would be poised to clinch qualification to its first ever Concacaf Gold Cup.

Suffice to say, focus has not been a problem this week in Saint Kitts and Nevis training.

“The preparation for the match has gone very well, I see the player at an important level,” said Saint Kitts and Nevis Head Coach Jacques Passy in an exclusive interview with

“We arrive to Suriname on Tuesday, which gives us an important period to train and adapt ourselves to the conditions of Paramaribo. We are going to play against team with a lot of talent, but we feel very good,” added Passy.

For Passy, the approach to Saturday’s potentially history-making affair is that of a final.

“When you have to play a match against a great team like Suriname, which just beat Guyana 3-1, that has a lot of quality and talent, you are so close but yet so far. Matches have to be played so that is how we are working. The team is preparing itself to play a final, that’s what we have to understand. If we are not playing a final, we won’t qualify. The team is not nervous, it is focused and excited. It’s excited because it is going to play a final and very focused because that’s what the moment requires,” said Passy.

Passy also expressed his appreciation for the first ever CNL, once again praising the initiative brought forth by Concacaf.

“It’s being a brilliant experience to play the Nations League. To have the opportunity to play against different teams like Canada, playing away to Suriname, Puerto Rico, Saint Martin, the experience has been completely different to face all those types of opponents. We have faced all types of football and the reality is that Concacaf has done an amazing effort in organizing these matches with good referees, all very formal, very serious and with very good television broadcasts,” concluded Passy.

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