El Salvador Coach De Los Cobos praises Nations League initiative
Carlos De Los Cobos (picture) is now in his second spell as Head Coach of the El Salvador National Team.

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador– El Salvador Head Coach Carlos De Los Cobos is no stranger to the Concacaf region. 

The former Liga MX and Mexican National Team player is now in his second spell as Head Coach of the El Salvador National Team and at age 59 has witnessed the challenges other Member Associations have faced in previous years.

However, De Los Cobos believes that Concacaf has taken a great step forward with its Nations League initiative in which all eligible Member Associations will have an opportunity to play matches on a more regular basis.

“I’m totally agree with it, I think it is a magnificent idea,” said De Los Cobos in an exclusive interview with Concacaf.com.

“Before, many teams could only play a couple games, maybe two World Cup qualifiers and that was it. Now, they are able to play more and by playing more you can improve. It also obliges teams to prepare sooner instead of waiting maybe a year or two. I think it’s a great idea,” added De Los Cobos.

De Los Cobos’s El Salvador team kick off its CNL Qualifying campaign with a tricky visit to Montserrat on Saturday, September 8.

The Mexican manager feels like his group of players will be ready to start the tournament on the right foot.

“This week we had a mini-training camp with some of the players and come Sunday night we’ll have the full team. I think the team looks good. They are brave, they have a lot of character, they’ve welcomed me in which is important, so I think they are ready to do things well,” said De Los Cobos.

In addition to Montserrat, El Salvador will face Barbados, Bermuda and Jamaica. De Los Cobos knows that all three opponents will pose a challenge.

“Jamaica is a power in the Caribbean, and you can see how all the islands have improved. Coaches from different parts have come in and helped the with the growth of those countries. They are definitely very competitive,” concluded De Los Cobos.