Concacaf Nations League C a chance to grow for 13 teams
Like most of the participants in CNLQ, Bonaire showed that it has a lot of talent that will see the fruits over time.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada With 2019-20 Concacaf Nations League Qualifying in the books, teams from around the region can turn their attention to their respective Group in League play.

With the foundation being set in CNLQ, League C now offers 13 teams the chance to further grow as footballing nations by competing regularly.

The 13 teams will be divided into four groups of three, with each group winner earning promotion to League B.

2015 Concacaf Gold Cup participant Guatemala will look to play its way back into League B and join some of its Central American counterparts, while 2007 Gold Cup semifinalist Guadeloupe hopes a new generation of players can eventually inspire another memorable run within Concacaf.

Most importantly though, the lessons learned by these nations in CNLQ can be applied in League C group play, allowing for further development in a truly competitive environment.

The teams in League C are: Guatemala, Guadeloupe, Bonaire, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, Saint Martin, Sint Maarten, British Virgin Islands and Anguilla.